A Consulting Gig That Opened Unexpected Doors

Chris Baccus’s career has taken him through diverse industries and through several roles. Chris recenltly shared his career journey when we caught up with him to talk about his story with GDI.

“It’s funny how you never know where a job or opportunity or a project will take you. What’s fascinating and interesting with my interactions with GDI Infotech, is that it led to so much [advancement], but I had no clue that was going to lead to where it led to.”

Chris Baccus is now the Senior Vice President of Marketing of a large and highly-respected real estate development firm in Los Angeles. Though his IT career started small, he got his break when he started managing online collaboration and knowledge management projects for one of GDI’s client, Pfizer. He oversaw the delivery of online collaboration platforms (the first of its kind) and created ways for distribution teams to work on a shared space, which supported biology and chemistry research projects. He was recognized for this pioneering work in the collaborative platform field.

“This project has been paramount to my success. Working as a consultant freed me from office politics and from the mindset of the four walls,” Chris explained.

The creative juices behind his successful assignment at Pfizer turned into a major accomplishment.

“If you look at every job with a Consultant Viewpoint – delivering results within defined budget and defined timeline – you will better serve the company and improve the profitability”. This has been a mantra for Chris over the last 10+ years as he climbed the corporate ladder and into the role of SVP, Executive Director. “For me, a lot of those skills started to develop back when I was working at GDI.”

Now as a savvy marketer with an extensive amount of varied experience under his belt, Chris believes that you have to think bigger than what’s in front of you. “Career growth is all about building relationships, expanding the business, figuring out how that new opportunity or project is going to stay fresh, interesting, as opposed to just focusing on the day-to-day.”

His current goal is to focus on sharing the lessons that he’s learned throughout his career and giving back by creating effective campaigns and taking on public speaking engagements. With his insight and expertise, we’re sure that we will be seeing him at even more upcoming speaking engagements soon.