A Trusted Partner: Amy Courter’s GDI Story

A celebrated IT Leader, a visionary and innovative executive, recipient of numerous awards and accolades, and mentor and role model for many – this describes none other than Amy Courter. We connected with Amy to talk about her story and relationship with GDI which started more than a decade ago.

“I was managing a portfolio of over 100 projects annually at that time, and I don’t remember all my other suppliers. But I remember GDI because they were not just a supplier, they developed a partnering relationship with us, “Amy explained.”I had a very high project success rate, so I wouldn’t bring just any company in. I was personally invested in making sure that we always found a capable partner company who would work closely with us to achieve our goals – on time and on budget” Amy recalled fondly. It was easy to find vendors – more difficult to find partners.

Amy’s career in IT is supported by her minor degree in computer science, but her major disciplines, psychology and education have served her well as she went up the executive ladder. She has served as VP of IT and Telecom for a publicly traded global marketing services company, as National Commander of Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary), CIO and interim CFO of an IT staffing and services company, COO of others, in addition to holding numerous board positions and giving significant non-profit involvement. She explained the key to her success is not just knowing what’s possible, but more importantly knowing what others think is not impossible and then motivating the team to conquer that! As a leader, she always expects more from her team members and focuses on helping them succeed and feel proud. She said, “Don’t get stagnated; keep learning, keep innovating, keep advancing. Companies that have that spirit are always the winners in the long run.”

Amy saw those qualities in GDI. Her message is simple, “Keep your mind open to new ideas; nurture the intrapreneurial spirit while maintaining core business; and become an active participant in your industry.”

What’s next for Amy? She is still on the go with full plate of executive missions including the COO role with a west-coast wellness and fitness company. She has always kept an eye on GDI, sharing “GDl’s leadership is engaged and innovative, bringing technology solutions to many industries – helping customers overcome challenges and simplify their strategy to success.”