About GDI

GDI Infotech, founded in 1993 in Ann Arbor, MI, is your trusted partner for digital transformation and technology talent. With over three decades of proven experience, GDI Infotech has proudly served more than 1,000 clients, elevating their business through a combination of transformative technology and qualified talent solutions.

What to Expect from GDI

At GDI Infotech, we understand that the key to success in today’s fast-paced world is adaptation and innovation through digital transformation, top talent, and flexible workflows. That’s why we provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, empowering your organization to thrive in an increasingly digital-driven environment.

Whether you’re seeking top-notch talent to drive your projects, looking to streamline your operations for maximum efficiency, or aiming to embark on a transformative journey, GDI Infotech is your go-to partner.

As your top partner collaborator, GDI brings expertise to build productive, yet flexible workflows, provides top-notch talent for project success, to support your organization’s transformative journey while safeguarding against cyberthreats.

Experience the GDI advantage, where you’re not merely adapting to change; you’re spearheading it, shaping your organization with unwavering confidence and relentless innovation. Welcome to a future defined by excellence, powered by GDI Infotech.

Our Founding Values

  • We will delight our customers and engage them for life.

  • We will create a company in which our employees are proud and achieve their dreams.

  • We will pay our communities back for having given us so much.

  • We will practice servant-style leadership by genuinely helping every member of our team to succeed.

  • We will practice fiscal responsibility to maximize a return for our investors and employment for our team.

  • We will treat everyone with the respect that they deserve.

A few of our valued partners…

What clients are saying about GDI

“GDI was not just a supplier, they developed a partnering relationship, providing 100% confidence that we could maintain our high internal success rate. GDI’s team allowed us to achieve our goals – on time and on budget”

– IT Technology, CIO

“GDI built our new data warehouse and data management team. GDI identified and recruited a team with banking domain and technology experience.

The team of over 15 people included contract-to-hire, permanent and contract consultants that were in charge of building the data warehouse. The team did the analysis, functional and departmental interviews, and built the product plan. They developed and implemented the data warehouse and new risk management system over 4 years, which included multiple SOWs for new employees and contractors from sub-vendors. “

– Major National Banking & Financial Services Company

“GDI established the criteria, sourced and built a cross functional team of 20+ business analysts, systems analysts and technology experts who had experience and understood the insurance industry and technology. GDI, as a single source provider, built the functional team, then hired and managed the project for the client, including team management, assessment, payroll and overall direction.”

– Major Health Care Provider

“ GDI understands what it means to build a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership. Not only are they consummate professionals who consistently work with the appropriate sense of urgency, but they are willing to put their money where their mouth is to ensure they place great people on our team every time no matter what challenges pop up.”

– FinTech, CIO

“We needed to rapidly build a new team and GDI was able to present strong candidates within a week. In addition, as we continued to scale up, GDI worked with us in true “partnership” fashion to come up with a flexible fee structure that allowed us to better manage the cost of our growth.”

– High Growth Tech Firm, COO

What employees/consultants say about GDI

“I’ve learned to act fast, take calculated risks, and prioritize family-oriented company culture.” “The leadership at GDI, inspired me to do all three and pursue any career path with this mindset.”

“Career growth is all about building relationships, expanding the business, figuring out how that new opportunity or project is going to stay fresh, interesting, as opposed to just focusing on the day-to-day.”

“I started as a dreamer.” “GDI helped me realize my own potential – by showing me that I can be effective in HR, sales, executive decision making – he showed me that I can be a good entrepreneur; that was the seed he sowed.”

“I learned what it takes to build and keep relationships by working at GDI.”