Digital Transformation

  • TikTok Ban and the Effect on Brand Awareness

    Published On: May 10, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    While a TikTok ban could initially disrupt brand awareness efforts, it may also present opportunities for brands to explore new strategies and channels for reaching their target audience.

  • How did we get to April 15th as tax filing date?

    Published On: April 10, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    Taxation is a dynamic and responsive aspect of governance, reflecting and shaping the nation’s economic and social landscape.

  • Employers Tax Responsibility

    Published On: April 3, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    Employers must stay informed about tax laws, maintain accurate records, and ensure timely tax payments and filings.

  • Cybersecurity Tips During Tax Season: Protecting Your Financial Information

    Published On: March 28, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    Tax season can be stressful, but by taking these cybersecurity precautions, you can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

  • AI Impersonation – An Echo to Humanity

    Published On: March 15, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    The burgeoning field of AI impersonation stands at the crossroads of innovation and responsibility, embodying a powerful tool that can revolutionize industries by introducing unprecedented levels of efficiency and novel capabilities.

  • Charting a Future in the AI-Enhanced Cyber World

    Published On: March 6, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    Understanding the challenges and benefits is important for any organization that is learning or developing strategies around AI.

  • Customer Engagement through Digital Transformation

    Published On: January 31, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    In 2024, the banking sector needs to focus on customer engagement driven by digital. Here's GDI Infotech’s glimpse into how these trends are reshaping the [...]

  • Cybersecurity: Embracing the Journey, Not the Destination

    Published On: January 23, 2024Categories: Digital Transformation

    The widespread belief that cybersecurity is a final destination, a set of boxes to be checked off, is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature [...]