On Building Relationships: Pathik Thaker’s GDI Story

“I learned what it takes to build and keep relationships by working at GDI.”

Pathik Thaker, a Practice Manager at Fonteva, has a long history with GDI. We recently chatted about his relationship with us, which began in 2007 when Pathik worked as a consultant for one of GDl’s clients.

It was a very successful Web 2.0 solution delivery project for our team and for Pathik, in particular. But Pathik says he got the full taste of GDl’s support structure in 2008. “I call it a “time of doom.” The financial crisis was crippling the ability of companies to complete their IT projects and a lot of people were losing jobs.” Pathik’s career growth and project successes continued despite the overall bleak picture of the industry. “What I learned during this tough period was that you need one strong relationship (like the one I had with GDI), that you can count on.” Pathik fondly remembers, “I worked very closely with Raj. He kept me motivated by giving me a set of Tony Robbins CDs.”

Pathik has grown in his career tremendously. He attributes his success to having a hunger to learn something new. In addition, he says, “I always communicated clearly about the next challenging project work that I want to undertake. Even now, I don’t have a problem communicating clearly what I want in my career.” Pathik now relies on an unconventional but familiar way to inspire his own team. “My team members ask me for advice and I give them the same set of CDs by Tony Robbins.They always come back and tell me that they love them, too.” He calls it a “full-circle moment.” Another one being when he attended a DreamForce conference last year, and who was the guest speaker? None other than Tony Robbins himself! It was another “GDI Moment” for Pathik.

So, what’s next for Pathik? It’s no surprise that he has an entrepreneurial spirit and he remains family-focused and driven in his career.