Putting People First: Heidi Musser’s GDI Story

”I’m passionate about managing the soft side of technology,” said cXo, advisor, master Agilist, mentor, and speaker Heidi J. Musser, a long-time connection of GDI. We reconnected over Heidi’s many achievements throughout her 30 years of experience, including a tremendous TED Talk and her award-winning participation in Agile transformation, diversity advocacy, and Women in STEM organizations. In all of her work, the soft side – the human side – of technology remains at the core of her mission.

For Heidi, the journey to agile transformation in any industry’s technology always starts with putting people first. When GDI partnered with Heidi in 2006, Health Care Technology was changing rapidly and legacy systems were not prepared.

“Technology will change,” she said, “but the values of a company have to endure.” At that time, it was crucial for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to adopt an Agile framework in the face of these major developments, including the Affordable Care Act. During the multi-year Enterprise Simplification Program, Heidi worked with a team of Business Analysts from GDI who untangled complicated processes and determined where to make necessary changes. Ultimately, the team’s collaborative work delivered tremendous value with improvements in processes enabling productivity and efficiency at many levels.

Heidi’s more recent work with USAA continues to teach businesses how to implement “new ways of working, thinking, and being.” She advised GDI to maintain its people-focused mission moving forward. “Technology will change,” she said, “but the values of a company have to endure.”