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Digital Transformation

Step into a world where your processes are streamlined, tasks automated, and decisions informed by secure data. Our digital transformation services are meticulously engineered to align your technology universe with evolving your business, blending modernization with efficiency to deliver unrivaled excellence. Our approach is to provide a customized delivery model to provide you with the right technology and talent solutions to drive business growth and improve user experience with your technology solutions.

Optimize, innovate and excel with our transformative next generation technology solutions, talent and services.
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Technology Optimization

Enhance the current technology universe to improve existing systems, ensuring they are efficient, adaptable, and future-ready. Foster a digital landscape that is advanced, dynamic, and resilient, poised to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.

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Cloud Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Adapt to varying demands by leveraging scalable cloud resources, ensuring optimal performance and value. Efficiently manage their technological infrastructure, aligning their capabilities with current and future demands in a cost-effective manner.

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User Experience

Adopt digital channels that facilitate meaningful interactions with your users, be they customers, employees, or other stakeholders, offering them the convenience of engaging when and how they prefer.

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Security & Privacy

Implement effective cybersecurity practices and solutions to ensure your systems are robustly protected against cyber threats and comply with current regulatory requirements.

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Talent Solutions

Complement your current technology team by adding skilled talent tailored for specific technology initiatives or to maintain momentum in your technological without overextending your permanent staff.


Addressing Specific Business Initiatives with Technology Solutions

It’s our mission and primary focus to help bridge the gap between business strategy and its technology implementation through tactical iterative steps and through a flexible delivery model

GDI’s core capabilities are utilized in providing the tactical approach to bridging the customer’s gap in the execution of the IT strategy to meet its business needs

Our teams of Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, Domain Experts and Project Managers are passionate about this mission

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Project Leadership Team

  • Focus on the Voice of Customer
  • Build Agile / Cross Functional Teams

  • Build a culture of Agile methods with daily/weekly/monthly refinements and constant innovation and improvements that spans both technology and business.

A few of our valued partners…

Success Stories


Comerica Bank Logo
  • GDI helped the bank reduce its loan approval from 45 minutes to 5 minutes!
  • Rescued 7-week delayed project, Design Check Imaging to completion on time!
  • Recommended and implemented strategy and methodology for Enterprise Data Quality. GDI team of data analysts and ETL developers conducted the data profiling and analysis, evaluation of anomalies, design and implementation of processes. Developed the data quality rules and processes for cleansing data for data governance. Facilitated approval by business users and data owners.
  • Standardization and data enrichment routines for Comerica Enterprise Data Warehouse(EDW). Creatively resolved inconsistencies and issues to accelerate loading the enterprise data warehouse with clean data, providing solid data foundation for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives and government regulations.


National City Logo
  • Created conceptual and logical diagrams, the latter of which was used as a physical with minor alterations and additions.
  • DBMS change control during testing. Significant amounts of time were spent with the client and the business analyst in order to create better working specifications.
  • Designed and led the design efforts of an object-based relational Wholesale, Commercial and Construction loan booking application. These applications were developed in Microsoft .NET technologies.
  • Managed deliverables. Project management Services / Business Analysis / Delivery.
  • GDI managed web-based project to successful completion through the application of agile methodologies.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Logo

GDI team built the Enterprise Information Model (EIM) based on the approved LDM, BCBS-NC’s Data Management Book of Knowledge (DMBOK) and incorporated following attributes from the Enterprise Data Warehouse: Member Benefit Facts, Disease Registry, Data Subject Area Enablement and Claims.


University of Michigan Logo

MAIS BI leadership team drafted an assessment of where the MAIS BI division is and where it needs to be (our BI strategy) and sought assistance & guidance from GDI on best practices for filling gaps in the assessment & developing a BI strategy. The key findings, gaps and recommendations were presented and supported by a detailed analysis, and description of the processes and methods to establish a new ITS DW-BI foundational data and service-oriented architectures.


Agvantix Logo

Agvantis provides IT solutions to Farm Credit Associations and Banks. GDI was engaged to perform Information Needs Assessment, Data Architecture, Mapping and Loading customized Data warehouse for Reporting and Analytics, Upgrading of Cognos to 8.4 and development of Cognos Framework Manager Models for Reporting/Analytics.