Tech Workers and Smaller Companies: Why It’s A Perfect Match

A new report released in November 2023 by BambooHR Employee Happiness Index shows employee satisfaction at work continues to erode in the third quarter of 2023 except among employees working at America’s smallest companies who are the happiest in the nation.


Small businesses have maintained their level of satisfaction with employees, but what drives those numbers?

The secret is that people in smaller companies feel that the work they do makes a difference. For those that work in the tech industry, the importance of seeing that your work solves real problems is crucial for morale and fulfillment. Especially in a such a results-driven industry.

Small companies are a great fit for tech workers because they fulfill two qualities that many employees look for in their teams: Collaboration and Independence.

IT staff need more opportunities where their efforts not only be seen but effectively rewarded.

Tech Workers Need Effective Collaboration

The technology industry is essentially a collaborative environment by nature. Projects are just easier to work on when you have a team that can work with you to design solutions. You also have the opportunity to learn from your coworkers. It can help you develop key skills outside your area of expertise and broaden your horizons.

By being exposed to other people of varying backgrounds and skills in a smaller team, you get time to understand more about yourself and others. That can also give you the opportunity to make valuable connections along the way.

Tech Workers Need Autonomy

Autonomy is also crucial for growth and job fulfillment. Especially for tech workers. Small companies put a lot more trust in their employees. With that trust, comes the confidence and ability to do great work and get acknowledged for it. When you work for a larger corporation, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, as part of a smaller team, you are far more likely to receive recognition and praise for the hard work you put into the business. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and opportunities down the line.

Tech Workers and Small Businesses

It’s clear that in today’s market, tech workers want to feel appreciated and fulfilled in the workplace. According to the Harvard Business Review, resignations increased by 4.5% in the Information Technology industry over the last year. IT staff need more opportunities where their efforts not only be seen but effectively rewarded. Small businesses would be the one of the best places for tech talent to look.

Finding New Jobs in the Tech Industry

There are clear advantages to working for a small company. When it comes to independence, flexibility and career growth, small businesses can compete with the biggest enterprises. Want to work or a small business but you’re not sure how? Visit GDI Infotech and apply for any of our open positions. You can also get in touch with any of our recruiters by sending in your resume to

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