GDI Infotech Testimonials

  • Busting Silos, Building Connections: Our Conversation with Dennis Howell

    When Howell was introduced to GDI in 2003, he had no idea that he’d go on to help create the notion behind a major GDI [...]

  • A Consulting Gig That Opened Unexpected Doors

    Chris Baccus’s career has taken him through diverse industries and through several roles. Chris recenltly shared his career journey when we caught up with him [...]

  • On Building Relationships: Pathik Thaker’s GDI Story

    "I learned what it takes to build and keep relationships by working at GDI." Pathik Thaker, a Practice Manager at Fonteva, has a long history [...]

  • Putting People First: Heidi Musser’s GDI Story

    ''I'm passionate about managing the soft side of technology," said cXo, advisor, master Agilist, mentor, and speaker Heidi J. Musser, a long-time connection of GDI. [...]

  • A Trusted Partner: Amy Courter’s GDI Story

    A celebrated IT Leader, a visionary and innovative executive, recipient of numerous awards and accolades, and mentor and role model for many - this describes [...]

  • Believe in Your Own Potential: Raj Ganesh’s GDI Story

    It is not surprising to hear the familiar story of achieving one's dreams through dedication and hard work. It is surprising, however, to hear that [...]